Chap. 2, – ‘ older poems ‘

‘disappear’ is the only fully self-rhyming word in the American language.

i should simply like to note, most of these are from 2015 & 2010.  Thanks for checking them out.


‘we can get so high’ – baby gang
‘it’s so sweet a happy song
sing all
night long
lay your problems on the floor
clap your hands and sing once more.’

maybe music will calm the ego
maybe music will flatter the soul
music follows us wherever we go
divine laugh & laughter music
tells us we are whole.

divine love & laf, we are whole.
‘ my friend to me ‘
my friend to me
is far beyond free;

tiller, miller, a filler,
like stevenson’s Broth,
or the kind-hearted moth,
the becomes the caterpillar,

my friend is to me
is like a beyond-tree,

the kind that echoes not –
the kind that answers aught,
it is like a forest, that caught
a rainbow, a forgotten thought;

it was a sunbeam we thought.

my friend is that forest.

let me disappear.

my heart is a harvest;
from infinite space blessed
to encounter the very best,
the loved-well, the highest,
of the high, here, lowest.
my heart is beyond thought;
i did feel when they caught
up with themselves, well –
it is but an ocean dell.
it turns out so well.
i have appreciation for
among a hundred more
the chiseled, shining door . . .
what am i?
what may i say?
you are sky ;
i am the poet’s way.

from ; to y,

from ; to y,

it traces

is there space between
a moment’s math?
life – collide smells,
i ‘ d rather shells.
am i a shell?
‘ knowable unknowable ‘
why does a healer heal?
because they see the connection, this sacred connection-
the sacred hoop of the people –

which is never broken.
the best ideal previously was, ‘may the circle be unbroken,

‘may life be healed,
may the tree of life bloom and grow.’
and the current conception is –
‘the circle is never broken,
‘the sacred hoop of life may never be severed,
leaves may never fall from the tree of life,

for there is no where to go outside of the universe,
that is not also from the source’
in other words, there is nothing outside the source of the universe.
nothing can leave the universe – knowable, foreseeable, or unknowable.
to heal others comes when one feels more empathy; this path alone writes the way home, the way of dao, peace love, joy.

each heart is divine, sacred, holy, and may be awakened by love, if one has wisdom, trust, faith, truth, and peace, and joy.
In this way, one can share the sacred, divine, holy pathway home, and peaceful life and days, and one ever sees more light.

This is the sacred and divine path, the holy path, simply and beautifully, it is the each and other – self and other – universal self.
‘ in the sky ‘

[ pic ]

First climb the mountain.
Then climb down the mountain.
Then write poetry about life & nature,
Then learn to listen to Moon.
Having lived on the ocean,
The mountain, valley,
And grassplain,
know rain.

First climb the mountain –
Then light up a candle –

Not a physical
or any other kind –
just a candle.

See your flame bright –
What are you to it?
What is it to you?

I presume – a great light –
Would flash forth from you –
In India, earth calls it ‘Chit.’

It is your heart,
That writes your story,
In the starry sky.
‘ when I’m hot ‘

(a short that had more to it, but literally got sacrificed to the storm, as the wind & rain dissolved the words & poem)
When I’m hot,
I eat a lot.
When I’m cold,
I don’t grow old.
When I’m young,
A pleasant tongue.
When you sing,
You take a wing.
Be a Sun,
Incarnate fun.
To Rilke:

This is a forest of
To be here, one must
sing one;
It should be
a beautiful song,
This is the only price
of admission,
But is is
you sing it.
(Bring a

‘ short about light ‘
Since I was about three, I knew several things; one that all is light, and the reason why that’s important. The reason is – ask, can you harm light? . . . No, it isn’t possible. Can you damage a photon? No. You can’t cut it, burn it, or damage it. You can’t drown it – well, it hits the water, and is transformed.

So all fear is based on a misconception – not understanding that we are this Light. At 18, I got to see Infinite Light. I had a great life, full of wonder, joy, adventure (and every other part of growing up), but this blew me away. First instant, was seeing there is, infinitely, no reason to worry, fear or doubt.
‘ your light shines ‘
life is a circle, eternal and infinite,
is there any reason to brighten it?

life flows from one to another
‘who is your sister,
and who is your mother?’

happiness is the way,
a light shines eternal.

as our children play,
their dance supernal;

flowers are around,
their colors viewed,

joyfulness is found,
wondering renewed.

he dances and sings
to the edges of things

who is far from the earth
when the sky took its birth.

‘all is like an ocean, all flows and connects’
most wisdom is unspoken,
and the circle is unbroken;
and the sleeper is awoken –
all flowers, blooms, forgets —

is there any simplicity
that finds its way to be
nearer enough to find
for heart and mind?

it’s so simple – to say –
the answer is holiday –
that is, it means, play,
it’s a holi-holi day.

all things seem to be
an echo of eternity –
a simple song of life
without a hint of strife.

each song sings of all,
and without big or small,
a soul that could never fall,
is the answer, echo and call.

an endless reverberation –
healing and reclamation –

quiet peace –
joy, great ease.

bright dreams – light dreams,
vision of source of streams,

joyful smile – join a-while,
my home is not a mile –

it could be our heart,
when we’re smart –

calm, and kind,
love shined.
‘ rest ‘
rest your heart upon the stone
know you’re never alone:
earth, who watches you
knows you are formed of centuries
your bone and sinew
made strong and happy at your ease.

‘ my computer writing ‘
anger is a bittersweet root
that tastes of grey and soot,
anger is a bittersweet root.

far shadows echo their cry,
seldom answer echoing, fly.
far shadows echo their cry.

rainbows and velvet appearing,
shelter from antimonious fearing,
rainbows and velvet appaering.

sheltering, why answer, don’t fool,
sound up on sound, isn’t miniscule,
sheltering, why answer, don’t fool.

creeping up to one sheltering spot,
it’s way better than any of us thought,
creeping up to one sheltering spot.

i’m going to relax, i’m going to relax, i’m going to relax.
and if you wish to find me, seek me in the many room’d shacks,
i’m gonig to relax, i’m going to relax, i’m going to relax.

far – far – far fetched and fetching,
am i not the sketched or the sketching?
far – far – far fetched and fetching.

whispering winds, answer ‘follow’
with a little secret: all this is hollow,
whispering winds, answer ‘follow.’

wait for it, answering naught:
peace is found by the hands, we wrought:
wait for it, answering naught.

‘ mythic forest ‘
Do you ever make a fool of yourself, for no reason other than just because? Good! There’s hope for me yet!
You cannot protect, lead, or guide others until you learn how to concentrate; by this skill, too, you can get to know your guardians.

When I require peace, I return to my guardians –
Great and tall ones who guard me, as I am theirs;
Their lives span more centuries than most know.
As if you didn’t know trees were guardians!

The forest is where
All is restored,
and restores.

It is about 12 degrees cooler –
One droplet of a vast sea of Light.

There are no words to describe
How beautiful life is,
When you enter the woods.
Restore it.

This skill – to wait – is more
elusive / protective & rewarding
than any other. When you wait, time itself is
on your side.

But what happens when you fall
in love? Time changes!

There’s only one place I love more
Than the forest — the desert.
And you?

The best ones say —
The way is wide, clear & open —
It is true!
[ now we are delving into older poems ]
(Oct., 2010)
‘ untitled poem ‘
breath, raise
crest of a wave
breath, deeper
onward away
spin once
land, crash
into the sweet round ocean


perfect picture
‘ Nowhere ‘

there’s no where you can’t go.
once you wake up and join the others,
then you can begin your play.

[ this one slightly more for the following comment about it, which on this day far surpassed my own poetic sense ]
‘Very interesting. So simple yet conveying so much.

‘I might hazard an interpretation:
From the meditative state, one of pure peace and harmony, awakening with the innocence of a child – as others have attained in a spiritual plane of existence (a nowhere relative to the mortal plane) teachable and unfettered by earthly desires or bounds.

Well done.

tailor STATELY’

‘ The most important thing ‘

This poem is worth a million bucks.

The hardest thing, the most important thing,
Really the only thing,
Is the ability to find peace when others have told you there is none,
To find happiness when others told you you couldn’t,
To find self-love when others told you you’re worthless.
‘I have experienced the unsurpassable joy of being free from afflictions, delusions and wandering thoughts. My body and mind are clean and pure, totally at ease. I am the happiest person in the world.’

-Venerable Chin Kung
(I hope, my only emo poem!)
‘ my dogs ‘

There you are,
hahaha – oh dogs, my dogs,
we walk by the shores of the infinite.
‘ Goa Trance Dream ‘

The soul is free –
The mind finicky
and follows images quickly,
but free from impressions
loosens the dream shackles gladly –
The soul is free;
swims through the ocean-dream
Always dancing freely,
’til it reaches the ocean’s shore,
the source of every dream –
the spirit’s mad, joyous infinity,
the supersoul, heart of hearts,
eternal flame . . .
Divine Comedy . . .
as all dissolves in laughter.

An image, an image,
dissolves into another.
And free of impressions,
the mind softly glides into the source –
free of impresions, finds the reality –
the simple, stupid, truth of oneness,
the soul is struck dumb,
unable to form the formless,
to express ocean oneness.

So many emotions
of the small self,
until at last,
the final feeling is reached,
so much greater than all the others –
No one ever dreamed of this.

The soul is dancing,
surrounded by energy it controls –
it seems like madness,
but it knows infinite joy;
there by the nameless ineffable, infinite soul,
resounding home of all that exists.

Triumphant joy proclaimed by angels,
Infinite pure lands, rivers and streams,
all there in a tiny cell.

Dream –
so many emotions of the small self,
and pain that burns like an ocean,
an joy that sounds like fire,
the oneness of these in my breast
rings like the clanging of a metal bell.

The heart that is strong like a great fire
and a mind free of demanding emotions,
are one with a body hallowed by love,
a house to the sky and ocean, earth and heavens –
an orb of nature, the Goddess, earth and universe.
(Septermber late)

[i edited to remove an ‘is’ before finicky]

‘ Life is a Journey of Going Home ‘

Life is a Journey of Going Home ,
it begins by going home to the world,
then it is of going home to the house,
and the bed –
and the family –

it is of going home to the fall leaves,
and the rings on the stump –
of going home to the bird’s call –
and the sunlight of the afternoon
and the straw grass in the sunlight.

Life is a process of Going Home;
it is of going home to the sky,
and to the grass, and the stars,
and the water –

‘ You could say, there’s no Song ‘

You could say, there’s no Poetry,
but I woke up with Song in my breast,
and you could say, there’s no tragedy
like yours,
but you don’t know the tragedy of Song.

‘ So About That Song ‘ [ early Oct., evidently ]
So about that Song –
Angels sing as it hits your heart,
Every object in sight hums with it,
and all is basked in a glowing light.
It shines from your heart’s source,
basking all in its glow;
Serene, triumphant, harmonious joy
radiates your being.

All are around the fire,
the circle is unbroken.
It’s quiet, all are listening now.

The circle is unbroken,
and “All is light and love.”

It’s that Song you rarely hear,
it’s quiet in every thing.
But you hear it,
as your whole being radiates light,

The quiet, supreme peace,
knowing that all is connected.
What darkness is there?
The Song is heard everywhere.

The rest is finished –
it was finished a thousand years ago.
You know it is finished, and you see it is gone,
It’s finished and gone a thousand years.

And your whole being knows this peace and love,
and how can you share it? How can you tell of this light?
But you know the circle is unbroken,
as that Song fills your ears.
( later shortened to end on a period after line 17 )
( later Oct. )

‘ Moonlight ‘

Moonlight streaming into my window,
I think of the quiet ones who believe,
I think of the gentle ones who know
of day’s reprieve.

I close my eyes and hear the sound around me,
The waves of light that hum and that surround,
A peaceful night for this mystic symphony
in which I drowned.
21. (Auguest early)
‘ An Earthly love ‘

As I wake from sleep
and dreams, happiness
and so much joy,
simply that you exist
my darling;
as I stand,
peace in my heart,
and happiness, my love,
my world is transformed
and new.
As sure as
my heart and breath’s rhythm,
my soul deathless, my heart boundless,
I am connected to the earth,
connected to you.
There is none for me but earth,
and none for me but you.
21. a

My life’s rhythm finally took me
beyond the world;
I cannot be but that I am, to say
where I have been,
what I have seen.

My life’s rhythm finally took me
where I am;
My heart’s secret my lips will not breathe,
but will stay where it is,
what it is.

Life’s beauty is a dancing of particles,
dancing of opposites.
dark, light, unknown, knowing,
finite, infinite,

My life’s rhythm brought me to “I am.”
And where I am now, seems so far from “I am.”
But I know now, it is not far from “I am.”
In the final place, I have known that I am.
In my resting place, I will know that I am.
21. b

elder Native,
I know not what to call you.
you stand upon this hill,
in the spirit’s solitude.
You have met the Great Spirit,
and nature swirls about you.
You emphasize the holiness of all life with your smile,
and your grace,
and you make joyful all who know you.
There is peace and holiness in you,
I cannot salute you,
but the trees and branches in every sacred place salutes you.
I do not know what to call you,
but I remember you,
and the Great Spirit.
I am alone with you.
21. c
‘ darling one ‘

divine soul,
perfect one,

This cloudy day is
just too muddy
for my mind.

in a pool of clear water
I seek reality.

In my heart’s core,
divine soul,
darling one.
21. d
‘ lovely Earth ‘

lovely Earth our Mother,
how we neglect you.

-your crazy, schizophrenic children.
21. e
‘ mad in Love ‘

mad in love,
I will wait for you
stay awake for you.
21. f

each letter from my love
is like a part of my soul
connecting my way back home
to the heart of reality.
21. g
‘ Kissed ‘

21. h
‘ upon waking ‘

she steps
startled upon waking her lover
unfolds the gift he brought her
and joins her love in slumber
21. i

one felt tired –
missing something great
knowing that passed their eyes.
& the men at the tracks,
for life they were sober,
bench crashed yoga,
life was a dream –
to one with
– muddy

are bones.

21. j
the wine from your lips
the music in your smile
the bliss in your fingers,
and your love all the while
shines the world into shade.
21. k

when will
all illusion vanish,
and darkness wash
out to sea?

chewin’ chew’d
auld in a hurry-
the soul is round
& flows from a sea
21. l

silent peace
“know one thing, and know all things”
confusion swept away to reveal a stillness, wholeness,
perfection, beauty and love I never expected.
since you came to me, nothing has been the same.
keep my heart and protect it.
my words exist and fade in an instant,
and I am alone but care not.
you came and you erased my pain.
a new world every day my heart embraces,
worlds i never knew.
my stamp on reality and my connection
are my sole existence,
all else fades and retreats into nothing.
with a word,
you light my world, and reveal
there is nothing but the infintite soul.
every part of this moment is familiar
beyond what the meaning of familiar is.
beyond world, time, form, feeling and thought
there is this pure, fathomless existence
all that ever is
you and i,
and on nights like this I get remembrance,
these instances of your impact in my life.

(these next two came before in chronology, for some odd reason they are here out of time)

(now they were placed in the correct place, but still with this odd little note by them)
‘ misplaced ‘
Consciousness a mirror,
the universe a body.
Infinite, eternal, source.
‘ it’s unknown ‘
It’s unknown here,
But I see it,
I hear it,
the swoosh,
An angel swinging swiftly down from the infinite abode,
to take the infinite soul up from ignorance,
to return it to its home.
21. m

‘ a story ‘

heard a voice once in a dream,
the walls faded from my mind,
and I saw the light behind this world,
and how it is in every thing.


weeks on later, met with betrayal,
the divine voice drowned by confusion,
i realized my mistake, trusting,
the wrong people.


now feeling a lot of pain, betrayed,
by those i cared about and trusted,
drug along the ground,
and then – lovely – called a masochist.


run away from me, i would rather be alone,
my defenders gone, and you all think i am in darkness and pain.
just so long as i know, i can see how you despise me,
then i am okay, and will never be hurt by you again.


my eyes close, against the blinding light,
i cannot guide you but i suggest you give yourself up to the flame.
my error has been to rely on souls divided separately
but from now on my soul will know only the one.


blessed one, Tathagata, may you never leave my heart,
long i have sought you, and now, union drawing close,
will do nothing to disrupt your approach.


peace in the midst of illusion is a feat
none can enact indefinitely.
for this reason is the infinite enmeshed
in the vines grown on mortal soil.


all things flow like water to their source,
the nature of all things is of the nature of light,
once the source, one will always return,
this is the reason we return to light.


blessed one, Tathagata, drawing near,
will you bring me a cup of water?
tulsi was grown in earthly soil,
yet she presents heavenly flowers.


here i am without illusion,
without care.
the heart beats a pure, standard rhythm,
sheltered by your light.
21. n
I grew up in a tender soil,
and knew infinite others like me.
I am merely a green plant,
I am just a little light.
21. o

Predawn stillness
Mind’s beauty
For an instant I know
It cannot be grasped
It cannot be formed
It cannot be hindered
It is, flows, eternally.
21. p
It was such a special, amazing, wonderful feeling
the first time I heard you say, “I love you too,”
my heart skipped several beats, and I fell in love again,
and immediately I knew
that I would live to hear your voice say these words.
It’s never diminished,
and it’s beautiful, unique, precious,
only yours and mine,
nothing can profane this.
I can’t quite, nor can I ever describe,
the depth of this feeling the first time, or any other.
21. q
I will never forget this myriad world,
spirit world, beauty world, world of dreams,
with so many relations, and variations,
this garden of harmony, beauty, and light,
I thank whatever formed or formless power
that in grace bestowed upon me such a view.

My divine secret I will take with me to the grave,
if I can only forget that I’ve told it to others!
Nature is funny in its endless evolution,
and endless play of yang and yin.

Once as I saw the divine light, it seemed certain
Everyone could understand the very next day.
Enlightening the universe seemed the simplest thing,
Now I am finished with this, and looking smaller,
I’ll just focus on breathing, and seeing,
and repeating Amitabha’s name.

I’ll never forget that spirit world, myriad world,
beauty world, world of dreams.
I just feel like I’ve been everywhere,
and seen so many worlds
like an ancient, wearied traveler
for a short time passing through.

I came to meet a friend,
and then I’m going home.
(early September)


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